Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fetish guide for yrael.

I am a masochist. what it means to me as a masochist i enjoy the pain that is inflicted, i believe that all forms of infliction whether it be earned, forced, requested, or just for the hell of it or anything i might have missed are all meant to happen even if i disagree with it. Pain is a major part of my life and it will always be as such.
I am a switch. what it means to be a switch to me is that i am not quite a submissive and i am not quite dominant. I have my moments where i am dominant and i have my moments as submissive. all my life i have lived that way and i believe that there is nothing that i could have done differently. when i am in sub mode i turn into a kitsune in mindset. It is just how i view myself there is nothing that would different given the mannerisms.
I am Loyal to my protectors. they are the ones who keep me safe through my choices and i respect their decisions since they know me the best given my past history (will explain during another blog entry).

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